General terms of use and Privacy policy of the mobile application

Your rights and obligations as a user of this application are regulated by the following Terms and Conditions, being the acceptance of the same an essential requirement for its use.

1. The purpose of this application

This application is the official mobile device information and communication channel of Aramón, Montañas de Aragón, S.A., eventually parent or controlling company of a corporate group known as “Grupo ARAMÓN”, dedicated to the development and promotion of the snow and mountain tourism within the Autonomous Community of Aragón, mainly through the management and exploitation of tourist centres comprised of ski and mountain resorts and the retail of complementary tourist services linked to the own activity of the mentioned ski and mountain resorts.

The application has been developed and is being maintained by Skitude Holding AS Sucursal en España, Ctra. Antiga d´Amer, 10 2ºB, 17007 Girona (Spain), through which it may perform specific data processing of the user’s personal data.

2- The protection of data of personal character and privacy

2.1. Liability for the processing of personal and contact data

The data necessary to obtain access to the functions of the application (excluding the functions of Skitude) are processed under the liability of Grupo ARAMÓN.

Liable for the personal data are: Aramón, Montañas de Aragón S.A. as the main company heading the corporate group (Legal disclaimer), Viajes Aragón Esquí, S.L.U. and Araser, Servicios Montañas de Aragón, S.L.U. You may contact your Data Protection Officer at: Grupo Aramón, or check its Privacy Policy.

By means of other functionalities of the application or the creation of a new Skitude account, Skitude Holding AS Sucursal en España, Ctra. Antiga d´Amer, 10 2º B, 17007 Girona (Spain) will be liable for the processing of the personal data as established in its Terms and Conditions. 

2.2. Data protection rights:

Concerning your data of personal character, you may:

1. Withdraw a consent or

2. Exercise your rights to:

• Access or obtain knowledge of what personal data of yours we process;

• Correct or rectify incorrect or inaccurate personal data;

• Remove or delete personal data we may have of yours and are not legally obliged to preserve:

• Oppose to, or request us to cease processing your personal data for a specific purpose;

• Limit or confine the data processing we realise;

• Exercise the portability, that is, that we deliver to you your personal data in our possession;

by sending a copy of an identification document with a brief exposure of your case and the right you want to exercise directed to: “Edificio Sextas”, Urbanización Formigal, s/n, 22640 Formigal (Huesca) or via

You may find more information about your rights or about filing a complaint to the Data Protection Officer via or filing a claim before the competent authority at the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos/ The Spanish Agency for Data Protection. -  C/ Jorge Juan, 6. 28001 Madrid. (901 100 099-912 663 517) –

For the data processing undertaken by Skitude Holding AS Sucursal en España you may exercise your rights according to its own Terms and Conditions

2.3. How we obtain the personal data

Whenever you use this App, its responsible may obtain:

2.4. The basis of our data processing, for how long we undertake it and who we can provide them

Personal data are processed based on the legitimization provided by the user´s consent when downloading the app and accepting these terms and conditions in general, as well as the specific consents required in order to activate each specific functionality.

Furthermore, the users will be able to expressly register with the Club Aramón and Skitude according to the specific terms and conditions applicable to each one of these platforms, which will be at the disposition of the users during the registration process.

The data will be retained while being compatible with the purpose for which they were collected, in compliance of legal obligations related to data preservation and during the time in which liabilities might result from its processing, only to be removed afterwards.

Furthermore, we may provide the personal data to third party-suppliers in charge of data processing according to our instructions and with the only purpose to provide us with specific services, these third parties not being enabled to use these data for their own purposes or in order to perform activities that are not to us own. We may also provide these data to public authorities according to statutory obligations.

2.5. Use of data by the functions of the ARAMÓN group

Information about the user, activity and use: if you proceed with the registering, the App will collect basic identification and contact information. This information will help us to personalise our service and its security.

Contact information: the collected contact information will be used to reply to your requests of technical assistance and to your comments.

Payment functions: each time you make a payment in the App (including due paying services of Skitude) you provide information such as card number or other payment details. We make use of safe payment services and don´t store the card information.

Notifications of the App: when you allow the App to send you notifications, you authorise to receive commercial information within the same. Should you disagree with this point, you may disable the notifications of the application.

Advertising: advertising may be included in the App, as well as the remittance of notifications according to the previously stated point. E-mails may include advertisements if the user registers with the Club ARAMÓN and according to its Privacy Policy.

Information about your location: if the App requests appropriate permission and the concerned individual expressly grants it, we do use a precise geo-positioning in order to offer a better contextualisation of the commercial information as well as to obtain statistics about visitors.

Functions of Skitude: this App includes functions of Skitude. Kindly find more information in the corresponding section.

3. The use of data of the functions of Skitude Holding AS Sucursal en España

Concerning the functions of Skitude, the liability for its data processing rests upon Skitude. You may find more information about the conditions of use and data protection in its Terms and Conditions.  Bellow we inform you about the functions included in this App:

Skitude account information: linked to your registration with the Service of Skitude, the application collects basic information such as you name, surnames, nickname, e-mail, password, date of birth, gender and country. Such information helps us to personalise and safeguard the service.

Contact information: the collected contact information will be used to respond to your requests of technical assistance as well as your comments or help you to recover your access to Skitude, should you forget your password.

Information about location: Skitude requests you to share your location in order to provide you with contextualised information as well as for the Skitude Tracks function.

Profile in Skitude, activity and use:  we collect information about the profile in Skitude, the activities (including the date, timing and geo-localisation information as well as your statistics) when you register a track, upload a picture or when participate in a challenge within Skitude, when you watch the activities of other persons or use Skitude´s services in any other form. We use the information in your prolife or of any of your interactions in order to personalise your experience, notifications and information in Skitude.

Information and content shared in the Skitude service: the social and game (gamification) contents of the Skitude platform imply the sharing of certain information of your profile (including your name, avatar and your tracks, your ranking position, etc.), making it visible to the rest of the users of the platform but also visible in general to all internet users as well as to indexation engines which may collect information from Skitude. We recommend you not to share on this platform information of private or sensible character as well as information you do not want to disclose. You may choose your profile and your activity to be privately restricted, open to the users of the platform or make it public.

Surveys and Likes (Me Gusta): Skitude may obtain more information about you via third parties, e.g., by collecting your comments in surveys or when other users interact with a “like” in your activity.

Third accounts: you may register and identify yourself with Skitude by means of your Facebook and Google accounts. These platforms provide the possibility of generating, transmitting and storing own data and content via this App, always given your previous registration and acceptance of the terms and conditions of each platform.

Photographic functions: Skitude may make use of the photographic functions of your device to upload photographs to your profile in Skitude.

Advertisements: the functions of Skitude may include advertising. We may also send you commercial information (via e-mail or notifications of the App). We may personalize this information based on your profile in Skitude.

4. Limitation of liability

Accuracy of the geographic information: the provided geographical information is indicative and common sense must always prevail in real risk situations. In the same way and due to technical reasons, at some moments the applications may not show information updated on a live basis. Therefore, Skitude and Grupo ARAMÓN assume no liability derived from any of these circumstances.

5. GPS navigation system with guided audio

This App may include the GPS navigation system for skiers by means of a guided audios specially designed to be used on ski tracks of the ski resort in order to improve both experience and safety.

This online service through the Application is provided by Skitude according to ski track maps facilitated by Grupo ARAMÓN.

Although we work for the functionality of the navigator and the data shown to be precise, please keep in mind that errors and inaccuracies may occur. Check the navigator´s instructions with the signs and markings of the resort, which are to prevail in any case.

By using of this functionality, you disclaim Grupo ARAMÓN as well as Skitude of any responsibility that may result of errors or inaccuracies of the data.

6. Promotion or coupon system

This App may include a service of promotions or coupons. The operation and validation of the promotions or coupons is carried out by Grupo ARAMÓN or by Skitude. This service may be of open use in some cases and in other ones may require a previous registration.

7. Correct and due use of the service

As user, you comply with a correct, conscientious and lawful use of our services. This implies, among other:

8. Open-Source Libraries

This Application is based on following open-source libraries:



















































Material Design

Constraint Layout

Jetpack (Android X)






Scale ImageView

Debug Database


Action Buttons


Scroll Pager

Cookie Bar


Apache commons lang


BarCode Scanner


Apache commons io


Circle ImageView

Page Indicator


Survey Monkey

Page Indicator


9. Modification of the General Terms and Conditions of Use

Grupo ARAMÓN reserves itself the right to modify the General Terms and Conditions of Use as well as the functionalities offered by the mobile application at any moment. Grupo ARAMÓN commits itself to inform about this change by the means it considers more suitable.

11.Relevant legislation and jurisdiction 

The present Terms and Conditions, as well as the relationship between Grupo ARAMÓN and the users abide by the Spanish legislation, without prejudice to any peremptory rule established by a different applicable law and in observance of the level of protection established by the peremptory norm of the country of residence of the user. Both parts agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Spanish courts, being the peremptory jurisdiction of the courts relevant to the residence of the user applicable as well.

Furthermore, given that this App includes functions of Skitude, we inform that the relationships among Skitude and the users are ruled by its own Terms and Conditions. In the case of consumer rights, the peremptory jurisdiction will be that of the courts relevant to the user´s residence.